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Review: Hair products for damaged hair

Hi guys!
So today I want to tell you about hair products. Why? Because I'm crazy about everything related to hair! And I've decided to start my hair care reviews with the basics: shampoos, conditioners and all kind of treatments, that can make your hair really shine!
First of all, I must worn you, my opinion is subjective! I've got normal to dry hair, haven't been dyed for 6 years, I wash and blow-dry and strighten or curl my hair every day, most of the time protecting my hair with heat defence sprays.
So let's started!
1. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Line
This line was designed to save your hair with "the FIRST Biomimetric hair repair technology": it repair the cells within the hair and recreates the hair surface.
Products that I use: shampoo, conditioner, amino fortifier and treatment for sealed ends.
How I use it: first of all I clean my hair with shampoo, then 10 minutes with amino fortifier (twice a week), 3 minutes with conditioner and treatment for sealed ends on towel-dry hair (no need to wash out).

My opinion: as for me... I haven't seen any magic after using this products. Maybe because I didn't use all line (I just couldn't find it in Ukraine all line, I would definatelly bought it, I'm that crazy). Shampoo & conditioner clean my hair good, don't make them oily, but make them smooth. With using amino fortifier hair is extreemly soft, I really like this product. If I could buy only one product from this line it would be definatelly the amino fortifier. And treatment for sealed ends works, but not for long - till your next hair wash. It feels like sticky cream, that make your hair ends stick together. I've found it hard to use for the first time - it's really necessary use not much of the product and only on the ends. And don't brush your hair after using this treatment - in that case all your hair will be oily. 
Smell: it smell good, not very harsh. All BC products smell the same, and it smells like really good luxury product.
NB: two years ago I was addicted to BC products and tried a lot of them. Mostly 80% of the lines. I liked the most line for normal hair. Maybe because you don't expect any magic, just good everyday care. 
In conclusion: I found that this products have only temporary effect: till the next hair wash. Good, but not so good that I've decided to buy it one more time. 

My rate:

2. Redken All Soft Line
Ok, this line was designed to help dry, brittle, damaged hair. There's no magic technics, like in BC one, but they use "all-natural" components like avocado oil to help hair look amazing.
Products that I use: shampoo, conditioner and velvet whip.
How I use it: clean my hair with shampoo, then use conditioner (for 2-3 minutes, but instructions don't say to wait) and a little bit of velvet whip on towel-dry hair.

My opinion: I was pretty impressed with this product. It really makes your hair extreemly soft, and - hands down - it's hard to take your hands away from touching your hair ALL THE TIME! I'm not using all the line, because I know that mask would be too rich for my normal to dry hair, but if you have really dry hair - you have to try it. BUT! There's few of but's actually: first, it's smell. Yes, it smells good, but in my humble opinion, it smells a little... cheap. I like the BC smell better. And the second, it's impossible for me to stay with unwashed hair for second day. When I wake up my hair feels oily. I don't had this effect with BC products. It is not much big deal for me, because I clean my hair everyday, but I think that you have to know it. Maybe it's because this products are for more dry hair then mine.
In conclusion: I would buy this product again and again, just to feel how soft my hair may be. But not perfect: not A-smell and make my hair too oily the next day.

My rate:
(I would say 4 with a half, because it's better the BC Repair Rescue)

3. Dove Heat Defence line
Dove is my favorite drugstore brand for hair products. I actually like Nivea hair products too, not all of them, but particular lines. This line was designed to protect your hair from all kind of heat monsters: brow-dryers, strightners, curlers. And it's really cheap.
Products I used: actually all line: shampoo, conditioner, and heat defence mist.
How I use it: clean my hair with shampoo, use conditioner for 3 minutes, spray may hair before blow-drying one time, and two times before strighten or curling.

My opinion: I never put too much trust or expectations in drugstore products. But Dove Heat Defence is really good. It doesn't make my hair much softer as usual (oh yes, my hair is usually soft), but products do their job: protect my hair from heat. Mist doesn't give extra-shine as promised, but it's good alternative for expencive sprays. It's just protecting your hair, while expencive ones help your hair to be stright longer, and even while moist weather. But I use Dove Heat Defence line all the time when I'm waiting for my more expencive products to come from internet-store. 

My rate:
Among drugstore hair products:

 In general:

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